Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend... Obedience during Tropical Storm Lee

Saturday Bern, Sprigs, Tracey and I went to Folsom, LA to the obedience trial.  We ended up in the heavy taller vehicle for the Tropical Storm Lee driving conditions.

Bern was very distracted on Saturday

And somewhat less distracted on Sunday,

I did get a drop on Sunday after no drop on Saturday.  But both days Bern was very distracted during healing - it was better on Sunday.. So we practice with more distractions.  I have some ideas for fixing a few things but I'm not sure what to do about his healing.  He needs to stay focused on his task but he gets lost in watching the ring(s) adjacent to him to see what he might be missing out on.  Oh the perils of the socialite dog!  Maybe I should try him in Exc B so the exercises are out of order... but I'm afraid if the broad jump is first he may do it and be finished!

Tropical Storm Lee dumped buckets of rain and a little wind on south Louisiana.  We got about 9 inches of rain at the house.  A few branches came down but several of them were from Doc Sanders' tree that fell in backyard at MR.