Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall is coming and so is the CGC test

Fall is approaching.  A cool front came through and pushed out TS Lee.  We really enjoyed mild temperatues for a week or so.  It has warmed back up but is not terribly hot.

LCCOC started a new session of obedience last week.  I signed Pete up for the Canine Good Citzenship (CGC) class.  The class will end with CGC testing by Jo Beth Britt from MS.  Pete did good for his first week in class.  Boy oh boy do we need to work on a more stable sit.  Pete has found a down so that is a great start.  Meanwhile Bern and Grace are getting work a little on their obedience exercises.  I had a nice session with Grace this morning inside while it was still dark out.  Hopefully I can do some more work with individual dogs tonight as we took our pack stroll around the block this morning early.

Tracey and I intend to take Pete and Sprigs to an earth dog test next month. I'm really looking for to that as both dogs should have a great time.