Thursday, October 27, 2011

Healed Squinty Eye - Grace Makes a Quick Recovery

Squinty Eye Grace in Jail
Like most minor eye problems Grace's eye healed very quickly.  The corneal ulcer was probably more like a corneal scratch.  I tried to keep her from sticking her head in the holly bushes or wrestling with her brothers for a few days.  By Friday afternoon Grace was running and hiding when I grabbed the tube of eye antibiotic ointment because I was doing it so frequently.  By Saturday morning she was ready for some action.  And since the weather was really beautiful this week we got out and enjoyed ourselves.

AGILITY TRIAL:  The FAST classes were the first classes to run at Kiln on Saturday.  For Grace to Q in Novice FAST she only need to run a small circle route.  I decided to let her try it - Nov FAST Q and 1st place.  About an hour later Grace ran Novice Standard on the same layout as the FAST course - Nov Standard Q and 1st place.  It didn't feel like she herded me much but I do see it in the videos.  However, her weaves were very smooth both times - we entered and exited in one fluid motion.  I pulled her from Open Jumpers just in case her eye wasn't quite 100%.  Tracey and Kazee were entered in Jumpers and Standard.  Tracey handled Kazee great as she hobbled in her knee brace around the Standard course - Q and 4th Place.  Their jumpers run wasn't as pretty but Kazee had a WONDERFUL time and did every jump at least twice since Tracey could not hobble quickly enough to be in the correct position to turn her. 

AGILITY CLASS: Wednesday night I started teaching agility class again - a 6 week session.  Grace was a champ with her new classmates.  My two students enjoyed their class and it was great practice for Grace and I.  

2 Qs and 2 Blue Ribbons!
TRACKING PRACTICE:  Early Saturday morning at Kiln Tracey laid Grace a track across the back of the arena field.  AKC tracking judge Kay was gracious enough to cross-track our track.  So with the track almost 4 hours old and the cross-track an hour old plus, Grace tracked.  The field was dry and the wind was blowing... and the scent was shifting and Grace wagged a bit off the track.  She wagged enough off the track she missed an article meaning we would have flunked in a trial situation on this track... BUT Grace hung in there and found the glove.  I thought it went well for our first time out this season.  We need to practice tracking a few more time in short order as we have made the tracking draw in Houston the following weekend.

OBEDIENCE/CGC CLASSES:  Thursday night Bern and Grace practiced obedience before Pete's CGC class.  Both Bern and Grace looked good... practicing with distractions seems to keep Bern somewhat distracted but he is improving just a bit so I'll keep at it.  Pete needs a crash course in "stay" before his CGC test on Saturday afternoon. 

Sharing a mat?  This is a first!  Grace really is getting mellow.
The new 30" wire Midwest  iCrate is in the Pilot now.  Tracey spotted a rather good sale at Petco so they were affordable with free shipping.  The whole pack can now ride to Santa CAAWS photos in a few weeks in their own crates. [Note I did take a photo but it is hard to see anything as there 4 wire crates in a large cube shape in the back of the Pilot now].

Pete's grooming supplies are starting to arrive.  Of course the clipper blade came in first... still waiting on the clippers themselves.  I'm hoping to bath a few dogs on Sunday afternoon if the weather permits.