Thursday, November 10, 2011

My 50th Birthday .. And Teaching Agility Class

Yesterday was my 50th Birthday.  Mike and I celebrated Tuesday night with dinner out.  Becky found time to bake the most yummy ever German chocolate cake and brought several slices to work to share with co-workers.  Mike and I have invited folks over for dessert and drinks Friday night.

I taught my recreational/not quite ready to compete agility class last night.  We practiced on a parallel box with a tunnel, A-frame, and few more obstacles thrown in.  Kenzie was in season... Hudson was in lust.... the situation made for chasing Hudson down every time he ran.  I think we still learned a few things related to distance handling and the concept of layering jumps between the handler and the dog.  Grace's weaves looked great and her distance handling is continuing to improve... but there were moments of herding me also.

Mom always sends me $50 for my birthday.  With this in mind I bought a Michael Ellis/Leerburg video on Focused Heeling yesterday.  Leerburg drops prices on training DVDs for 24 hours to encourage sales... since this was a DVD I wanted I decided the purchase was a great use of my birthday money.

Looking forward to Friday night as the food is mostly purchased and the house is just about ready for company.  Saturday will be a wash/groom dog day because CAAWS Santa pictures are on Sunday.