Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let them eat cake in the evening… and then practice tracking in the morning!

The Birthday Cake

We celebrated my 50th birthday Friday night with the dog club folks.  We hosted the party at Meadowood Ranch – our first big gathering here.  We had just enough folks (15) to fill the living room plus a few extras so folks were chatting in the kitchen and around the breakfast table.

The Dessert Offerings

Mike Anxious to Light the Candles

Pete Learns to Track
Saturday morning Tracey was energetic and laid tracks.  We met up with her so Lego could get cross-track practice.  We practiced 3 Roth dogs and 3 MR dogs.  Pete along with Roth dogs Sprigs and Twinkle practiced no age straight line tracks with cookies on the ground.  Bern did a 15 minute old `1/3 TD length track with 2 turns – Bern actually worked his track most of the time.  Tracey thinks there is a TD in Bern so we will keep trying to find it!

Last but not least Lego and Grace did TDX style tracks that were aged for ~3 hours.  Both the TDX dogs did well.  Grace practiced marching straight into the woods (okay so it was really a huge mass of thorny brambles tangled with tree trunks).  Poor Grace dashed along the ground under the vines to each article and then she laid down next to said article and waited for Tracey and I to fight our way through the briars and thorny vines.  Grace needs woods work so it was great practice… just a bit hard on the clothes and arms.

Graces vs. Blow Dryer
Saturday afternoon was brush, clipper (Pete), trim, and bath time... all for CAAWS Santa pictures.  Since it was overcast and not very warm out yesterday I pulled out the new Metro Air Force blower to dry everyone with.  Grace does NOT like noisy things or things that moved... the air dryer was VERY noisy and the hose moves uncontrollably is you drop the nozzle while the motor is running.  This is how Grace spent the entire time I was blow drying each of the boys!