Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Training Efforts

Bern - prezteled into Ted's bed
 Last Wednesday night was agility class minus the class!  Grace and I worked for a bit.  Tracey helped me with some ideas on Grace which I hope to work on some over the Thanksgiving break.  Then Pete spent just a few minutes practicing his rally jumps.

Saturday morning was tracking.  Tracey and I coordinated our track laying so we could run a series of dogs.  She tracked 3 and I tracked 3 if you count Sprigs and Pete on their non-aged tracks too.  Grace did better with entering and tracking within the woods this time.  Bern was the most awesome he has been in a long time.  Tracking for his dinner seemed to have helped so we will keep it up.  He tracked on an almost TD-aged track that wasn't quite regulation length - there is hope of him earning a TD!