Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend... eating and herding fowl in the foul weather.

This Thanksgiving was a 4-day stay-mostly-around-the-house weekend for me.  Saturday was spent at Linda's working the stock (ducks), practicing agility, and eating Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings.  During agility we discovered that Grace will do the A-frame of an A-frame/tunnel discrimination even if I'm telling her tunnel!  Hmmmm I guess we need to work on this.  Our agility session got rained out so we retreated to the porch for pumpkin pie.

Between me on Thursday and me + Mike on Friday lots of yard cleanup with accomplished.  Several of the shrub/flower beds were trimmed.  On Friday I got into a plant I was allergic to but the reaction didn't act like poison ivy.  My left arm is still sporting a rash from between my short sleeve t-shirt sleeve bottom and the top of the gauntlet gloves.  So no more working in the beds in short sleeve shirts - need long sleeves that reach into my gauntlet gloves.

Late Friday we lost the TV signal for the LSU/Alabama football game with 9 minutes to go in the 4th Quarter.  It was a bit frustrating... it was late in the day and we tend to loose the CBS channel about the same time every day.  As a "cheap fast attempted fix" we purchased additional antenna masting and raised the TV antenna another 5 feet on Sunday.  Now that the rain has moved out of the area we can see if the extra TV antenna height helps with the dropped station problem.

On Sunday we attempted to relocate and rehang the dipole ham radio antenna because it wasn't working well in its current location at MR.  When we lowered the antenna we found a cracked center insulator and broken ladder line coming off the center of the dipole.  The old G5RV Junior dipole has been trashed; MFJ will be sending a replacement this week.  Antenna hanging party to follow!

Sunday afternoon we took in the new Muppets movie with Rich and Tracey.  My first movie outing in years.  It was a good time...I  must get out to the movie theatres more often.

We are transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas at the house.  The pilgrims and Indians are ready to begin their migration westward on their return journey to the storage closet.  Meanwhile the Christmas tree has been erected in the Living Room... the Living Room looks bare with no decorations except the empty tree.  I hope to finish decorating in the next day or so.