Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Obedience Training... And Recallers 3.0... Finally

Over the last couple of days Bern and Grace have each had several short but effective training sessions.  We have worked on obedience skills for the trial later this week as well as some of the beginning Recaller 3.0 skills/games.  Each session with Bern is making a huge improvement in his obedience performance; however, his dumbbell retrieves are not yet at the accuracy level we need to Q.  I've got a couple more chances today to improve his memory and drive for the dumbbell.

I'm so excited I've gotten back in the training routine after my return from Oklahoma.  I hope I can keep this up through the holidays as I can see some improvement with Grace already.  I think I can keep up with training as my holiday schedule is winding down with only one more bell choir performance to do, gift shopping completed, and holiday gift goodies baked.  The only holiday left is to mail the Christmas cards.

Tomorrow we will be in obedience ring trying for the last leg of Bern's CDX.