Monday, December 12, 2011

A Weekend At Home... Had a Great Time...Oops No Dog Training

Wisemen massed in the den
Friday afternoon Mike noticed an estate sale around the corner from the house...Richard M. Chashoudian, a terrier breeder and AKC judge, had passed away.  We had seen the dogs at the house and knew a breeder lived there but we didn't know who.  Mr. Chashoudian had a very long and impressive history in AKC conformation, especially terriers.  He was also noted for dog art - Google "Ric Chashoudian, artist" for images to see several bronze sculptures of his.  We left the estate sale with a dog crate perfect for a puppy, a confirmation wicket from Mel's, a confirmation stacker trainer set, a large box full of stainless bowls and water buckets (extras to go to shelter), two new muzzles, and few books.  Facebook tribute set up by Ric's family.

During the weekend I unpacked the Christmas decorations from the plastic tubs in my office.  Tubs returned to storage.. office once again usable. House looking merry and bright!

Zoo Lights Exhibit
Friday evening we attended Zoo Lights at the Baton Rouge Zoo.  It was chilly but we bundled up and enjoyed our stroll around the zoo.  There are Christmas light displays set up on a 1 mile path through the zoo.

Saturday and Sunday morning was holiday baking - Mike requested we bake trays of holiday yummies for him to take to the stations.  He learned how to make fudge and other goodies this weekend.

Saturday afternoon was spent replacing the ham radio antenna.  After a few spectacular failed attempts with the tennis ball and fishing twine (boy does that twine create a ginormous knot if the ball quits traveling with the spool still spinning), the new dipole antenna is flying high (but not as high as would be preferred) at MR.  Mike is making contacts again on his radio.  Yeah for replacing broken equipment.  I think there will be an antenna raising party in the near future with a mechanically power ball launcher.

Mike readies to fire the fishing line into the tree
Okay.. so the weekend went by and the dogs didn't get any training sessions. And we have obedience this week and recalls to learn. I'm loving the holiday activities soooo next year I need to rethink my holiday period dog training plans. This year is not going as planned and I'm getting stressed because I'm over-committed between the normal dog stuff and the extra holiday activities.

Red Stick Ringers played a lunch time concert today. It went great but it was time away from work for the travel downtown and rehearsal. Since we played at lunch I couldn't come home and train dogs then either. AHHH! Recall... what recall?

Holiday stress?  CHECK!