Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Napkin Bandit

I try to keep a seasonally appropriate whimsical tablescape on our kitchen table.  Recently our table has been the victim of the notorious Meadowood Ranch Napkin Bandit, Sly Spice.
  • Last week our table was the victim of a combination napkin bandit/table dancer.  The table dance involved a broken vintage drinking glass (likely replaceable on eBay), a shredded premium list for the upcoming obedience trial in Crosby (apparently Spice didn't want to attend that event), and a gnawed on black cloth napkin and destroyed bamboo coaster (hey without the glass who needs a coaster).  We vowed to keep the chairs tucked very tightly under the table when not sitting in the chairs.
  • This week our table began its week sporting St. Patrick's Day placements and coordinating green napkins.  We got home this evening and mysteriously both napkins were on the floor... one napkin totally destroyed by our napkin bandit.  We have revised our vow from last week... instead we will use paper napkins until our Napkin Bandit is no longer in the outlaw puppy stage
When not shredding napkins, Spice has been working on obedience.  Her obedience is improving as is the little bit of agility we have worked on recently.  This week agility class got rained out.  Hopefully we can work more on both this weekend.