Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NCEES Meeting, Clemson

This past weekend was our spring Environmental Professional Engineer (PE) exam committee meeting at the NCEES offices in Clemson, SC.  I travel with an Exxon retiree from the local refinery.  We flew to Charlotte, NC and rented a car - my first time in a Suzuki (a Kizashi).  The car got us back and forth but none of us were going to rush out and buy one.  The weather was nice and the committee members a joy to spend the weekend with.  I was exhausted when I made it back home.

My traveling buddy, recently retired, is working on his bucket list in earnest.  He has working on becoming a master gardner via courses at the Burden Center.  Since this is also on my bucket list we chatted about his course of study while we sat in the airport and waited on our delayed airplane.  Kerry's description of his program sounded reasonable... I intend to check into future master gardner classes in Baton Rouge.  Meanwhile the Academy of Environmental Engineers would love for me to spend $75 to take their exam so I can add more initials (BCEE) after my name..... I'm still debating with myself on this one.  They hope to test several of us during our next PE exam committee meeting in August in Clemson.

The lake borders the university campus area

Our committee working away in the NCEES conference room