Monday, April 9, 2012

AKC Agility, Port Allen, Louisiana

Our home AKC agility trial was this weekend.  Grace was still struggling to find her weaves again but she did a better job of not herding me around the course.  She did finally do a couple of complete sets of weaves by the end of the weekend so there is hope for the upcoming shows.  As a team, Grace and I are so much calmer when we have non-herding runs.  I really enjoy running her when so she is focused on course and not me.  Our runs from the weekend are here

Friday:  JWW  T2B
Saturday:  JWW   Standard   FAST
Sunday:  JWW   Standard

While Grace and I have struggled the last few weekends, Tracey and her guys have been doing great.  Sprigs had her debut a weekend ago and has now earned her novice titles.  Spirit finished her AXJ.  Lego has come home with 2 QQs and Kazee 3 QQs.  Kazee is now only 1 QQ away from her MACH.  I'm hoping Tracey and Kazee get the last QQ this Friday so the pressure will be off and they can enjoy the last few agility trials of the season.

Tracey's new travel trailer is making its maiden agility voyage this weekend.  We are headed to Lake Charles so if we run into problems we can easily dash to a store to grab duct tape (just kidding....).  I'm looking forward to trying it out.