Wednesday, April 11, 2012

T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge

Holding the 4/10/2012 newspaper
Starting yesterday (4/10/2012) I signed up to participate in a 60 day T-Tapp Challenge.  My sister found the T-Tapp workout system years ago and suggested I try it.  For months I was very consistent at doing the workout as part of my rehab following the Amtrak incident.  The exercises are great for building core muscles and improving balance.

The 60 Day Challenge rules allow me do as many different T-Tapp exercise DVDs or combinations of exercises that I want.  I can walk for exercise as well.  Participating in team sports is allowed (Grace notice our agility needs to be a TEAM sport the next several weeks!).

My required photos and measurements have been uploaded so I am committed to this Challenge.  I intend to really get with the T-Tapping the next several weeks.  Since I took photos and uploaded everything on the first day of the Challenge I didn't get to do any exercise until 4/11.  Boy oh boy did I feel it this morning.  I know in a few weeks my body with be thanking me.  Currently, not so much.