Sunday, May 20, 2012

AKC Agility, Decatur, AL

Tracey and I drove to Decatur, AL for an agility trial.  It was a long drive but the hotel was great and the venue crating space was ample.  The arena surface was a bit rocky.  Overall the show was fun.... just no Qs for Grace.

Grace's agility runs (Sat Exec JWW, Sat Open Standard, Sun Exec JWW, and Sun Open Standard) had more independent weave poles than in previous few trials.  Unfortunately the running order for the trial classes put Grace's runs just a few minutes apart each day.  It was hot and the long Exec JWW courses just wear her out now at age 8.  She was struggling both days at the end of the 2nd course to keep the spread jumps up.  We managed to not Q again this weekend but we are getting closer to have much better weaves.

Spice (left) and Sprigs (right) playing

What I think I am happiest about from this weekend was that Spice and Sprigs figured out how to play together.  Sprigs had been trying to get Spice to play but Spice was totally baffled by the bouncy mini wire dachshund.  Since Spice was now interested in Sprigs and no longer lunging at her so Tracey and I let the girls loose in the hotel room to play.  It took just a few minutes for Spice to quit herding Sprigs and begin playing with her.  Yahoo!  Now the young girls can wear each other out.  Here is a few seconds of youthful romping.