Sunday, May 27, 2012

AKC Obedience Trial, LCCOC - Our Home Show

Grace WC Nov & WC Open placements
Our local obedience club had its obedience/rally trial this weekend.  It was my first year to serve as the trial chair.  All went well but I'm certainly glad to have the experience behind me. The LCCOC obedience equipment is back in the trailer and the trailer has been returned to its parking spot at the agility field so I think my duties as the 2012 Obedience Trial Chair are complete. Whew!

Bern and I managed to NQ in Open A both days.  I'm disappointed but not surprised.  Each day he only did the first 1/2 minute of the 3 minute out-of-site-sit.  A few people have given me suggestions such as putting an aluminum can under him with rocks.  On Sunday he cut the corner of the broad jump badly.  Both days his dumbbell had cuties preventing retrieves.  I wonder how much of it is my command tones (or lack thereof?).  I guess I need to watch the videos carefully and try to do better with the other dogs.  Bern may need to retire without the last leg of his Open A title.

Grace placed 4th in Wildcard Novice on Saturday and 4th in Wildcard Open on Saturday.  She could have done better but she had moments of brilliant healing with little skulking.  She did, of course, herd me during parts of the healing pattern.  Judge Tony commented that she is very tuned into the timbre of my voice - more reason to watch and listen to the video carefully.

Spice got out of her crate several times both days to walk around.  Her behavior is much improved - less lunging, less barking.  It is now fun to get her out.  She also worked a few times each day on her obedience slip collar.  For the most part we worked without getting tangled - a huge improvement over the first few times I tried working her with a lease on.

Tracey and Kayak had fantastic runs in Rally Novice B.  He came home with 1st places for both days with scores of 100 and 99 on Sat and Sun, respectively.