Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Agility Class

Grace is continuing her agility class with Tracey on Tuesday evenings at the LCCOC field. We have had various delays this session dragging the session into the summer heat. After 45 minutes of class Grace was hot and tired so I swapped her out for Spice. During a break Tracey and I worked Spice on the curved yellow tunnel which is a little dark and scary at night. We conquered yellow tunnel and began walking towards a curved blue tunnel. Spice took a short cut up the A-frame - her first time on this equipment. She was so proud of her new found skill that she ran across a full height A-frame 6 to 8 times before I picked her up so we could try the blue tunnel. Well blue tunnel was still too scary curved at night. But hey she does a full height A-frame! Grace was very frustrating to run during class. She herded me and then ignored the weaves on course until I virtually ordered her to do them. She finally made one great effort and did all 12 relatively smoothly. Arrrghh!