Monday, June 18, 2012

AKC Agility, Birmingham

Our weekend in Birmingham was fine.  Grace's weaves were better.  Our start line routine still needs some work.... I'm rushing us at the start line so this is my current focus.  Tracey says if we start off calmly then she runs much better, less herding.  Zen start line routine here we come.

On Sunday Grace was in both JWW and Standard with less than 10 minutes break.  The JWW course was a challenge - we just tried jump, jump, jump,... weave in hopes of getting the weaves in Open Standard.  Our plan helped as her weaves were better.  Our videos are here... 

Friday (Open Standard, T2B)
Saturday ( FAST, Open Standard)
Sunday (JWW, Open Standard)

Grace is continuing to work on independent weaves.  Our 2X2 refresher course has helped with her entrances immensely.