Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weave Practice

Well our mid-century ranch house has moved into the 21st century - as of June 2012 we are enjoying AT&T U-verse internet service. The faster internet service allows for viewing smooth video from YouTube and other internet sources (blogs,Say Yes, Leerburg, and Facebook) - yippee.  Also I should now be able to upload video much quicker so I tested out our upload speeds this evening after getting help from Mike in shooting our training sessions.

I would like to preface these videos by saying that while we were setting up the agility equipment Spice and Grace played a fast and furious game of chase in the yard.  Unfortunately the camera was not outside yet because this chase game would have been the highlight of the evening with 3 dogs going in both ends of a curved tunnel  at the same  time and then doing it again because it was fun to chase each other out.  The girls were panting very hard when I crated everyone up for a quick lesson and dinner.  I stalled a few extra minutes to let them catch their breath and set up the dog walk for Spice.  When we got to the dog walk lesson later, Spice had a great training session with no bailing off the sides.  After a couple of tries she was trotting up, across, and down at a very nice clip.  There is no dog walk video because Mike and I each ran along beside her to prevent bail offs - one of us on each side of the dog walk.  Next time we should be a go for dog walk video since Spice has discovered just what the dog walk is and how it "works".  

Here are both our weave practice sessions:

  • Because Spice was panting the worst I took Grace out to practice first thus giving Spice more cool down time.  Grace practiced jump, 6 weaves,... gap.... 6 weaves.  After a few good tries at that setup I closed the gap.  These are the nice independent weaves I got before we had a huge party with lots of great girlie treats!

  • Spice came out and practiced her 2 sets of 2X2.  After watching this video I have decided that Spice needs to drive towards a Tupperware tub of treats and not be getting the treats from me but rather the  tub.