Thursday, June 28, 2012

Foster Dog Willow Arrives

Mike, Willow, and Bern
MARS (Mini Aussie Rescue and Support) had a dog in the New Iberia area that had a foster home in the Memphis area.  Tracey was headed to Memphis to see her folks while doing confirmation/obedience in a few weekends.  Yes, she would have room in the car for MARS dog Willow.  Meanwhile Willow's foster mom in Memphis soon learned he was spending his days on a patio and not inside with A/C.  For those of you in other parts of the country - we are in full swamp summer mode in southern Louisiana.  It is horrid outside even in the shade.  After a few Facebook messages, some emails, and a couple of phone calls it was decided that Willow would foster with the pack at Meadowood Ranch until his transfer to Memphis with Tracey.  

Since Tracey and I had left Wednesday with the camper headed to Monroe for a 4 day agility trial before the details were worked out, Mike picked up Willow on his day off.  Got to love Mike - he has wholly embraced the dog pack at the house and my wish to help a few others out if I can.

Willow Before Any Foster Care
Willow After 2 Weeks in New Iberia Foster Care (pre MR)
Willow was found in an abandoned apartment so he was very underweight when he arrived in rescue.  He coat is brittle and very thin.  If you run a hand down his ribs you can easily make them out.  Willow has gained weight since his original rescue but still needs to pack on a few pounds.  He is still crouching when he walks however he will come jump on either Mike or I to get petted.  Here he is after a few days at the house playing with Spice.  He is finding joy in his life now.