Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obedience Training Academy...Our Garage Flooring Project

I decided since our housekeeper Paulette came today and, therefore, a minimum amount of "stuff" is currently on the training floor in the den I would photograph how the den flooring project turned out.  We have practiced obedience on it several times and it is working great.  The floor tiles came from Floor Junkies.  To allow the wood floor (mind you folks this is a 1960s vintage Bruce "real" hardwood floor complete with a Johnson's Paste Wax finish) to breath I purchased the perforated drain tiles.  I bought a close out tile - lucky for me the only color they had left was obedience mat green!

We have moved the furniture around several times since we moved into the house.  The current arrangement does not seem to be duplicating functions.  We now have only one eating area and one "living" area.  This has opened up space for dog training in the den and a seating area for others to watch the training action from the sectional in the "breakfast" area.  We are continuing to move furniture around in the two "spare" bedrooms that are housing her desk/computer, his desk/computer, a sewing table/hobby table, his ham radio, and a exercise equipment/exercise DVD workout space with small TV so those rooms are just slightly over crowed currently.    We are currently strategizing on the two rooms.  I'm hoping to finish this phase of the Meadowod Ranch revamp and trying living with it for a while.

Garage flooring material that is serving as my green obedience mats in the den. 

In the picture above you can see where the 4 dogs meal crates are located in the corner of the den.  The black leather L-shaped sectional is located in the former "breakfast area" that is now serving as a coffee lounge.  I also snapped some photos of the dining room where we are now eating all our meals and the living room/den where the TV and recliner sofa reside.