Sunday, August 19, 2012

House Interior Re-purposing

After living in the "new" house for a couple of years, Mike and I have decided that some features of the house are/were not working for us.  Recently we removed the table and chairs from the breakfast area leaving only the 4 dog crates.  I then swapped the dog crates into the den and put a L-shaped sofa in the breakfast area.  This set of swaps gives much better access to the dog crate as we use them twice a day for meal times.  Mike and I are now eating our meals in the formal dining room.

Mike's mission on his day off Friday was to re-work the food storage in the fridge.  He found great Oxo brand containers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Armed with my BBB coupon stash, he has our fridge organized where we can see what food is available.  Our old round storage containers were hard to see in and containers kept getting lost in the back of the fridge.  Purchasing new containers was much cheaper than upgrading to a new model fridge from the fridge that came with the house.

We also decided our bedroom was too crowded.  It is a large room but had a few extra pieces of furniture in it.  To upgrade our space a bit we removed 4 older chairs and replaced them with 1 slightly used hotel lobby chair purchased from our local used hotel furniture vendor.  Our bedroom is now a much more uncluttered and calmer space.  I'm searching for a lightweight spread for the bed still but overall it feels much better in the room.  Now to get the same feeling into the two extra bedrooms in the house too...