Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekends are for ...

Saturday I set up a portion of our benchmark Novice JWW course in the yard so Spice and Grace could practice their steering.  I included a set of 6 weave poles (24" spacing) at the end of the jump sequence.  I can honestly say the Spice found the weave entrance and did a lovely set of weaves on her first try.  Grace did not.  Grace has no value for the weave poles at all - I'm back working her on the 2X2s since she seems to drive through each gate and trot towards the next 2X2 set.  It poured an 1.5" on rain at the house on Saturday with another down pour on Sunday so agility training is on hold until the yard dries out a bit.

Meanwhile Mike and I have decided that part of the house arrangement is not working so we spent time discussion options.  We rearranged a few pieces between the 3 bedrooms.  Between moving furniture and bathing Grace I wrenched my back just enough that the pain has shot up through my neck into my head.  My head feels like it is going to explode.  My left jaw is throbbing.  I then managed to bash my head dipping dog food for a meal.  It took a few minutes of whimpering for the pain to subside.  I had been doing great with my back exercises for the past few weeks and then I fell off the wagon (I'm blaming my crash on the Olympics).  My post-wreck back is now demanding attention.  Looking for a miracle... leaving for Hattiesburg AKC agility on Tuesday.