Monday, August 6, 2012

Woman's Hospital Moves to a New Location

Our neighborhood hospital, Woman's Hospital,  moved 5+ miles south down Airline Hwy on Sunday. Acadian Ambulance provided 20 ambulance crews and 2 standby units for the patient move. Mike and his regular partner both volunteered to work the extra shift. He left the house at 4 AM Sunday to get started moving patients. I drove around the corner a few hours later to shoot some photos.

A cop was stationed at the Airline Hwy light to manually trick the traffic light to green for each ambulance as it exited the old hospital campus.

The wide body trucks were used to transport the sick babies along with a team of caregivers + paramedic

Acadian even borrowed a few loaner ambulances to staff the move

Blue team was well babies and moms.  Pink team was sick babies and cancer patients.

This is Valencia driving with Mike in the back with a couplet (mom and baby).

3 empty units returning to the old campus to pick up patients.

The news camera person came by while I was taking photos.  She stood rooted in that same spot to shoot a  unit coming the other direction.  The driver of the returning ambulance was not pleased by her location.