Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spice's AKC Agility Debut, Port Allen

Spice JWW Leg 1
Spice turned 15 months old last week so she was old enough to run on the big dog courses at the agility trial and not just work at the practice jump.

Friday was Exc Only and T2B.  Grace ran Exc JWW and was clean until the last bar - handler error.  I wasn't sure about Spice so she passed on T2B.  Tracey and Kazee earned their first triple Q on Friday.  To finish off Tracey's weekend, Sparkle earned a Nov Standard leg (now only 1 more Nov Standard leg to her VCD1 title).

Saturday Grace ran Open FAST and Open Standard.  Spice ran Nov FAST and Nov JWW.  Neither of the girls got their respective send bonus in FAST.  However, both girls Q'd in the other runs.  Spice was surprised to find a whole course at the arena on Saturday AM since she had only seen the practice jump - we watched ring side but she never got to play.  Saturday PM she knew it was a whole course and she ran her heart out.  Tammy, the breeder, has dubbed her my little jumping bean - most appropriate.

Grace Open Std Leg 1

On Sunday Grace only ran Open Standard.  She tried but we failed to Q.  Spice ran Nov JWW and Nov Standard.  I ran WAY TOO SLOW in JWW - Spice has emailed her breeder requesting a faster handler!  Spice's handler did much better handling in Nov Standard.  Spice did the novice dog act of not taking any of the contact equipment.  She got on the dog walk, A-frame, and teeter but she bailed off before reach the down contacts on each of these. (It was extremely hot on Sunday - we all looked exhausted in the photos).

So we have a path forward for Spice's agility career.  Spice will get a faster handler.  Spice will see contact equipment several places before the next trial.  Mom will try to work rear crosses at the very fast speed.