Wednesday, September 19, 2012

USDAA Pawprints, Haughton, LA

Grace - 2 Qs

After months of not running USDAA we finally got an opportunity this past weekend.  I miss all the fun games.  Grace likes not having to weave in every run like she does at an AKC trial.

Tracey and I have melted from the heat at that particular show in the past.  When we saw who was judging (Elaine Coupe) we knew we had to go.  I dug in Grace's ribbon box to remind myself where she was title-wise.

Grace ran PI standard both days and games that she was still stuck in PI in (snooker) and PII games where she didn't have a leg yet (pairs and gamblers).  She didn't run jumpers all weekend since she has a PII jumpers leg (no spreads for performance dogs so this aids Grace).  Grace seems to be feeling better following recent massage work and being back on her anti-fungal regime for several weeks.

We came home with 2 Qs - a PI standard leg (HOORAH!) and a PII Pairs leg (paired with Joan Lowery and Pyro).  Grace gave me 3 clean sets of 12 weaves over the weekend and was clean in standard on Sunday but 0.6 seconds over course time (argh).  Our only horrid run was snooker on Sunday which was my fault because I couldn't think fast enough on my feet when Grace took a jump not on my plan (it seems it was on hers though).  We had a great time - love coming home with Q ribbons.  Looking forward to more USDAA in Gulfport and B'ham soon.  Spice won't be old enough to play USDAA until late December which places her USDAA debut at our home show in February.

Video from this past weekend: