Sunday, November 25, 2012

AKC Agility, Lake Charles, LA

Spice's 2nd Nov FAST leg
We were in Lake Charles running agility this weekend.  Tracey and I left early Saturday morning so we could trial over the weekend.

Spice ran more consistently this weekend.  She managed a Q in FAST on Saturday.  We off coursed in both her JWW runs (Sat and Sun).  In Standard she refused the teeter and dog walk on Saturday but did them both on Sunday. Because she was running with drive on Sunday in her Standard run we didn't try to fix a single missed weave pole and a couple other little bobbles.  Super pleased with Sunday's Standard run - our best to date.

Grace, on the other hand, was full of her self this weekend.  She was only signed up to run Open Standard.  Grace's standard run on Saturday was okay.  Sunday I got her out because folks were in a hurry to start but the judge was tied up with paperwork and course distance wheeling for the other ring - so I played and played with Grace.  She was so jacked up when we went in to do agility it was horrid.  She was running sideways and barking at me - happy as a clam.  By obstacle like 6 of her run, Grace had given me the middle finger at the weave poles, smashed at least 3 jumps, and snapped at my heels a couple of times.  For the first time in her agility career, I waved politely at the judged and picked Ms. Grace up and hauled her butt off the agility course.  Oh my!  There is a first time for everything.