Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Keeping the Balls in the Air.... Electronically

I have finally located a second judge for LCCOC's March 2013 tracking trial.  I think I managed to get all the AKC paperwork filled out - but I did it electronically this year as the hard copy trial application paperwork for tracking has been removed from the AKC website and no hard copy came in the mail.  It was a bit cumbersome  to make the application online but I think I have it completed now plus I have worked through the process so next year trial setup will be easier.  I'll need to check in a few days and make sure it is getting processed.  AKC doesn't work with the person setting up the trial - they want to work with the club secretary.  If we have to log in to use the program I wish AKC would at least copy the person using the web-based event planner software.  Oh well... may in another decade or so.
List of LCCOC trial in the AKC event manager

The database manager person in me was interested in how AKC keeps up with events.  The events numbers are long.  Last years tracking trials were 2011014403 and 2011014404.  The year, 2011, as part of the event number was obvious.  LCCOC is club 0144 in the AKC system.  The tracking trials are the 3rd and 4th trials in LCCOC's list of trials in AKC's event manager.  The pieces of the event manager numbers make sense to me now.

Meanwhile, the Presidential election was yesterday.  I'm not sure what to think.  Obama seems to have been re-elected.  What I'm bummed about is that my neighborhood, Broadmoor, voted itself to have a $100 per lot collected tax to create a Crime Prevention and Improvement District.  Crime prevention I'm good with... its the "improvement" that scares me.  I'm concerned "they" will be wanting to rid the neighborhood of unsightly items like ham radio antennas, vegetable garden, orchards, and/or dog agility equipment - and possibly dogs.  I really do not want to move again.... we just got settled here.  Honestly I'm not sure I can afford to move again.  My main reason for going to vote yesterday was to vote "no" for the neighborhood tax district.  Somewhat bummed over this....