Monday, November 12, 2012

Magic City Canine USDAA

Tracey and I drove to Birmingham for USDAA agility this weekend. The show was at the SportsBlast soccer arena so we were indoors on turf.
Grace P2 Snooker Q

Grace ran P2 standard, gamblers, and snooker working on her P2 title(s). Her weaves showed that we have not worked them much the last few weeks. Her only chance a P2 gamblers was a teeter gamble and she wasn't going to teeter with me that far away. Tracey helped me come up with a great snooker plan for Saturday but Grace had another plan - she smacked the first red jump for a score of zero. Sunday the snooker course had the weaves as the 6 point obstacle so in order to get our 37 points and not weave we had to do red-7-red-7-red-7-close 2 thru 5. Tracey and I looked at several options and selected the most flowy option.  Grace did it great for her P2 snooker Q.  Tracey and Xan earned a Q using the same plan.

It was a great trip even with the 6 hour drive. This made for two weekends in a row with long drives. I'm looking forward to a weekend home but glad I get the run Spice at AKC the following weekend.  I missed running the jumping bean this weekend - Spice won't be old enough for USDAA until mid Dec.