Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is Coming....

This was the typical pre-Christmas holiday weekend.  There were more activities to do than I had time, much less energy, to do.

Plated Holiday Goodies
On Saturday I got up shortly after the alarm went of at 4 AM.  After waking up good, I gave Grace a bath. And then began my holiday treats for people baking.  I baked 2 or 3 recipes worth and then met Tracey for agility practice.  

Agility practice went as expected.  Grace struggles to do more than 7 or 8 weaves consistently.  She now happily does 6+ but can't quite finish the whole set of 12.  Spice ran a couple of courses - a twisty jumpers course and a not so twisty standard course.  She did fine on the contact equipment after a bit of prompting re: the teeter.  My plan is to work teeter this week before we leave for Birmingham.  Next we practiced weave poles.  Spice's weaves were rocky - the weather has been rainy and I've been in Oklahoma which means no weave practice for her and it showed.

To brush up her weaves, Spice went to Tracey's house on Saturday afternoon for weave pole boot camp.  Meanwhile, I came home with Grace and changed to head of to play English handbells in the lobby of the theater prior to two Nutcracker ballet performances.  Between performances the group went to eat lunch.

Spice hanging out at Tracey's house

Red Stick Ringers at Lunch
It was dark when we finished at the theater.  I opted not to attend the LCCOC party in Port Allen with the intent to make my office party at Boudreaux's on Government.  After arriving home, I dug the formals out of the back of the closet and tried on 3 outfits.  After deciding what to wear I sat down on the bed to gather my thoughts.  OOPS... I seem to have dozed off and never made it to the party which didn't start until 8 PM.  I was too exhausted to go when I woke from my brief nap (missed out on the jewelry, ipad, and kindle door prize drawings).

Sunday included a bath for Spice, more holiday baking, and errand running.  I went by Tracey's house to get prepped on caring for dogs and a horse that would be not making the trip to Arkansas.  She also sent home the "new" weave poles we bought at a dog trial garage sale.  Unfortunately Lego blew out his ACL after my visit .... Tracey will be staying behind to care for Lego and the other animals.  We will miss having Sprigs stay with us over the holidays.