Friday, December 21, 2012

Remembering Bern

Tracey gathered up photos of Bern and created a very thoughtful framed memorial as my Christmas gift. [She also found some gloves that I can wear during agility trial and still answer my iPhone - YEAH].  Mike and I decided that our new picture needed to be hung in the hall with the other dog portraits.  There was space next to Bern's Doghouse Arts chute photo.  This was a very thoughtful gift - so nice to have such caring folks in my life.

Tracey's Memorial to Bern - my Christmas gift

We hung Tracey's gift in the hall next to his portrait
Grace is missing her brother.  She is continuing as the pack leader as well as taking on Bern's previous jobs.  Bern's main jobs were to watch/guard the yard from the back porch or other perch in the back yard and notify Mike/Cheryl it was time for the pack to eat.  It is sweet to see Grace stepping up to the plate.  I do think the girls would like a brother ... Spice's breeder has a couple of available males at her house.  We hope to visit them after Christmas.

Grace tries out the bedroom chair - the head angle looks uncomfortable to me but she was happy