Monday, February 4, 2013

AKC Agility, Crosby TX

Spice's Nov Standard Q
Saturday Spice
NQ in Nov JWW. She struggled to weave. She was distracted with 2nd ring running. A multiple jump lead out would be nice to train. She stayed on course except saying hi to the bar setters.
NQ is Nov Standard. She was still distracted. She happily did the teeter and the other contact equipment. She struggled again at the weaves.
Take always: I need to run faster. We need to work weaves. She also needs more obstacle commitment work.

Saturday Grace
NQ in Open standard. It got warm today before Grace's run. Grace started her run very slow. She kept the triple double combo up. She did not drive through the weaves.

Sunday Spice
NQ Nov JWW. I ran faster which made for a better run. Spice struggled with her weaves again.
Q Nov Standard. Spice was a little distracted. She is not driving at the weaves still. She did them but with no drive. Score of 95 for an off course. I drove too hard straight coming off the table and Spice took an off course. Spice's breeder was there to see her Q on Sunday so that was icing on the cake.

Sunday Grace
Grace ran her Open Standard course well. She came very close to a Q but refused a jump near the end of the run. I was pleased with her speed and enthusiasm today.

We drove out to visit Spice's breeder on Friday night. We met several of Tammy's dogs including two of Spice's grand sires. It was exciting for me since this is the first dog I have owned that I ever met more of the dog's family. There was also a litter of four week old puppies both girls. I do think I want a boy next but the blue girl was very cute! Tammy brought a couple of the dogs out to the show on Sunday for socialization while she watched Spice run so we had more one on one time with these two dogs. Wishing for a happy enthusiastic smaller boy in the future. 

BTW Spice has her own page on the Flagtree website.  We are honored to be featured.
4 Week old puppies - very cute!!