Monday, February 11, 2013

USDAA Holly Springs, MS

Spice Starter Snooker Q

This weekend we traveled to Memphis and stayed with Tracey's parents.  The arena was ~45 minutes away in Holly Springs, MS.  The arena is closed with heat (no AC) so this is a winter only venue but it was quite nice.  With missed filming a few runs this weekend with the busy schedule as Tracey was serving as scorekeeper for the Masters ring.  Spice and Grace were running in the "not Masters" ring.  I was pleased with several of our runs over the weekend.
  • Grace is trying for PII gamblers and standard legs.  The gamble Saturday was 12 weaves  poles - not happening!  Grace came close in standard both days but was over time.  On Sunday she bailed off the A-frame in gamblers and the dog walk in standard to NQ herself in both runs. 
  • Spice had her debut in USDAA this weekend.  She is getting distracted on her runs and I am getting frustrated.  We are now using Tracey's plan she developed years ago to "fix Lego".  So far said plan seems to be working great!  Much better runs on Sunday and a Snooker Q too!  Spice gets distracted - Mom runs away and does not wait for distracted puppy.  Spice is getting braver on equipment as well as getting braver snooping in the ring - she did all her contacts this weekend except the teeter on Sunday during standard as she bailed off early as it started to tip.  Our Saturday pairs partner was another Mini American Shepherd bred in Broken Arrow, OK - our team was clean but over time by a few seconds.
We run USDAA again towards the end of February at our home show.