Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learning "Touch"

Got Touch?

Spice is getting better at a rear foot touch. She was not in the mode of offering behaviors when I she came to me at 7 months old but is now beginning to try. Last night she was starting to reach out with her left rear foot. My plan is to turn the rear foot touch into a dogwalk contact zone stop. 

Spice and Grace also did the 6 weave poles in the dog room since it was too wet for agility class. Plus a few minutes with Spice's obedience dumbbell. She needs much more shaping with the dumbbell.  Grace got to practice articles (2 sets each of 3 metal and 3 leather).  Grace's artciles are getting better even though she was in snatch mode last night.  When I pointed out to her she had not taken time to locate the correct article she ran back to the pile search for 0.5 seconds (our pile is small) and came running back with the correct one.  Patience is definitely a virtue working with Grace - we may try these on a full stomach tonight to see if the frantic factor decreases.

Spice's breeder emailed 5 week old photos of the litter I saw a few weeks ago.  I'm smitten with the blue girl.  She is soooo darn cute.  It seems her personality is coming along as well - busy and curious.  Sounds like a great performance dog prospect. 

5 week old Flagtree litter