Monday, March 4, 2013

AKC Agility Monroe, LA

Spice earns her NA
We ran agility in Monroe last weekend.  We drove up early Saturday morning and back home Saturday evening.

Grace ran Open Standard both days.  It was not her best efforts.  Weaving towards the exit gate did not go well for her.  She is slowing down... I see retirement around the corner for her but she still seems anxious to play some days.  Hoping to get her last Open Standard leg before she retires.

Spice ran her first run just a few minutes after we arrived at the trial site on Saturday.  She was distracted during that Open FAST run.  She got the send but then did not get enough points to Q.  She did finish up her Novice Standard title on Saturday.  She is now in Open everything.  We continue to improve - watching video is helping me.  I'm running faster and standing taller, my rear cross signals are sooner so Spice is turning better, and Spice got both her dog walk contacts this weekend.

Tracey and Kazee had another perfect weekend including 2 more QQs..  Kayak in now running in Exc JWW and Exc Standard - he is looking good.  Tracey and Kazee are at the AKC National Agility event mid March.  We run agility again at the end of the month.