Monday, March 11, 2013

LCCOC Tracking Test

Grace ran the last track of the day. Gale force winds. Our start article had blown off the start flag so we picked it up on the way to the flag. Grace picked a direction to start and stuck with it (good girlie). She wagged back and forth down leg 1 working the blowing scent cone. Grace made a wide turn from leg 1 to leg 2 likely due to the wind. We then missed an article on the leg 2. The track layer stayed with us to finish up the track. Grace had other ideas - she selected a bone from a cow carcass along leg 2 of her track. She picked up the bone, laid down, and began gnawing on the bone. I finally convinced her she could carry her bone back to the car to finish it! And she did just that. So much for finishing our track. What a day....

Grace Running Her TDX Track