Sunday, April 28, 2013

Obedience and Herding Lessons at Linda's House

Mike Holding Spice

Mike and I took Spice out to Linda's house for a herding lesson.  Linda had asked us to come because she had some new folks with Mini Aussies taking obedience lessons.  As it turned out we got there in time to "help" with obedience lessons.  Spice demonstrated a few exercises.  When Linda had to leave for a second to help a neighbor I took over teaching class.

It was good for Spice to be around the new people and dogs she did well.  We let the obedience crowd see the sheep then they left. We then let Spice work the sheep for a few minutes.  She is still in the very intro stages of herding but she loves being in the sheep pen and we want to keep it that way.