Monday, April 22, 2013

USDAA Agility, Shreveport

We ran USDAA agility in Shreveport.  It was Kayak's debut.  The weather held up - it was pleasant all weekend.  We had a great time.

Video on Tracey's video camera and on my iPad.  I've downloaded the Coach's Eye app for the iPad so I can step through the video frames to see if I can catch any patterns in handling and/or behavior.  Spice ran better this weekend.  We Q'd with Kayak in Starters Pairs Relay.  It was Spice's only Q over the weekend.  She tried a bit harder to weave this weekend so there is hope - we'll keep working on it at home.

Team Q for Kayak and Spice
Here is Team Red from the weekend.  It was a red dog only weekend - not be design it just worked out that way!

We took an all Red Team this weekend
More USDAA fun coming up in early May.  Spice would like to get her weaves in Standard by then!