Monday, May 27, 2013

AKC Obedience, LCCOC, Port Allen, LA

Spice Earns her BN

Our local obedience club had its trial over Memorial Day weekend.  It was a 2 trial per day format.  All three dogs participated:

Spice tried for CD legs in the morning trials and BN legs in the afternoon trials.  Day 1 on the CD try she wilted on her stand for exam.  Then during stays the dogs on either side of us were bouncy and were excused.  Prior to being excused, a boxer came over to Spice and she felt the need to talk to it.  Day 2 she held her stand for exam but did not stay after I left her for the 1 minute sit.  Following the boxer incident she now requires additional stay practice but YEAH for the stand for exam.  On her BN tries we had a handler error on Day 1.  On Day 2 she Q'd to earn her BN title.  By the afternoon of Day 2 she was distracted but a Q is a Q!

Striker tried Rally Novice on Sunday.  The confirmation dog lost his sits and downs on the green mats.  He did finally sit toward the end of the course.  We will keep working on it.  He likes getting turns and earning yummy cookies.
Striker gave Rally Nov a try

Last but not least is Grace.  She came in second in Wildcard Open on Saturday afternoon.  I had her do 2 out-of-sight downs - no sit.  She enjoys those exercises and worked fairly well.  On Sunday afternoon we finally met my personal goal of getting in the (Wildcard) utility ring.  Carol Mett was the judge and was very helpful and patient with us.  Carol liked Grace's enthusiasm.  I'm struggling with editing video so I have just posted the whole 9 minutes.  Grace did great on her glove retrieve - it was glove 2 but I think she would have done fine with 1 or 3 too.  When we got to articles I opted for the leather first - yeah Grace correct leather article from the full size pile.  As expected she dashed out to the pile the second time and grabbed the first leather article she saw and came back - avoiding the metal article.  Judge Carol made me send her again - Grace was about to grab another leather when she realized she was standing on top of the correct metal.  She looked triumphantly at the two of us and snatched it up.  So proud of her for trying hard under stress.  We need to work on her go outs and directed jumping so she has more confidence to run "out" across the ring but I'm so proud of our achievement.  
Grace Wildcard Utility