Sunday, June 30, 2013

AKC Obedience, Jackson, MS

When we arrived back at Tracey's house from Monroe we found her oldest dog in distress.  I headed on home.  The Roth's made the hard decision was made to let Jedi go that evening.  Since Rich had left town earlier that day I met Tracey at the e-Vet to say goodbye to Jedi.

Jedi's passing should have been on omen for us but alas we did not see it.  Off to Jackson, MS we left the next morning - a little later than planned since we both opted for sleep.  Spirit missed her try at Open but we thought that might happen with our late start.  It seems several other dogs in that class were also absent so it was finished quickly.  Our next issue was the Expedition deciding it didn't want to start when we were going to get lunch.  We tried jumping it off Rosey's Jeep but it could get enough cranking power.  I called for the AAA battery truck and Tracey walked across the street to get us lunch.  The battery guy identified our problem - odd fitting on one of the battery terminals was loose.  The Expedition was once again road worthy.

Spice tried Nov. B obedience in the AM and PM trials.  She held her stand both times so we have better fixed her sitting or wilting on the stands.  The afternoon trial had scheduling and problems causing the judge to hold the stays until other rings were done.  We excused ourselves so we could head home just in case the Expedition had other ideas.  I observed the following:
  • Spice's healing was much less focused that I would like.  
  • She busted her sit stay in the morning - remember she was pounced on at the LCCOC trial by the adjacent dog.  This weekend we were sitting next to Greg Feather's youngest golden - he was an awesome statue during stays and should not have given Spice concern.  I think it is a fixable problem.  When it cools down we need to get out to obedience classes and worth through these issues.
The trip to Jackson was not a total bust.  Kazee had a great run in Utility - NQ but she did the exercises she keeps flunking correctly.  Sprigs came home with her CD.