Friday, August 9, 2013

AKC Agility, Hattiesburg, MS

Spice - Open FAST title
This weekend was the 5 day AKC agility trial in Hattiesburg, MS. Spice and I did days 1 - 3.  Spice earned her Open FAST title this weekend - we also ran for our first time in Excellent this weekend too.  Tracey stayed home with the beagle boys.  Since Shane is still deployed, Spice and I roomed with Rosey and her boys (Caboose and Hero).

Spice was entered in Open JWW, Open Standard, and Open FAST in this order every day.  Generally Spice was fast and happy this weekend.  I had better speed as the three days went by - a nice fast walk on the dog walk Wednesday, a much faster trot on Thursday and a screaming fast dog walk on Friday with no feet in the yellow!  She weaved every run - most runs with clean sets.  No runs with flawless starts though.

She is now looking confident on teeters at trials

JOY!  But no feet in the yellow zone
Rosey and I tried to video each other but missed a few runs because of ring conflicts.

  • Wed Open JWW - bobble in the opening but we saved it from faults, we tried the scary blue tunnel again since we would see it all weekend.  She only went in and came out the same end during this one run.
  • Wed Open Standard - I moved in to flip her to the tunnel and pushed her off the side of the dog walk, I then told her too enthusiastically that her weaves were nice so she popped out and dashed forward at pole 8, she managed to not get a table fault when to took the table as an off course but when we do it on course she falls off!
  • Wed Open FAST - Rosey got videoed on both our iPads, no Spice video.
  • Thurs Open JWW - Tracey this is the opening sequence we discussed.  I thought it went very well - thanks for the long distance advice.  The last loop of the course was fast and happy but we only got about half the jumps!
  • Thurs Open Standard - I should not have fixed the triple (yes you can fuss at me Tracey Roth!), she doesn't seem happy with the front crosses but we stayed on course, she runs off to sniff the measuring wheel but comes right back.  Our first correct table performance in weeks!
  • Thurs Open FAST - our Q (no video)
  • Fri Open JWW - an awesome run (no video)
  • Fri Open Standard - Note I did not fix the off course, she sniffed the measuring wheel (again), and another nice table.  I very happy she found the tire after her very fast dog walk.  Lots of good stuff happened in this run.
  • Fri Exc FAST - This was not our best effort of the weekend.  She missed the queue for the double and it went downhill from there.  I tried to give her the smoothest line to the send I could but alas we looked like we just moved up from Open or something!  
Red Stick Agility Group at dinner
Rosey, Caboose, Spice and Hero (L to R)