Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tracking Weather - FINALLY!

So it has finally cooled off in southern Louisiana.  Today Tracey and Miranda both brought dogs over to play on the agility equipment at the house.  After we finished agility practice - including Codex and Kirk on several pieces of equipment (oops - forgot to get any pictures).  Tracey and I ran across the road to lay tracks for Kirk, Spice, and Codex.  I filmed Codex for Tracey since she had been trying to film and handle Codex at the same time.  So pleased with Spice's effort.  Kirk was a bit bewildered but if it involves cookies he will catch on fast!

Kirk's first tracking lesson - 15 weeks old

Spice did much better on her first track this year.

Spice kept her nose down the entire length of the track