Monday, December 2, 2013

Teacup Agility with a High In Trial

We attended a Teacup Agility Trial in Norman, OK the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Spice, Capt'n Kirk, and I stayed with my mom.  This was Kirk's first visit to Oklahoma.  Poor Pete, Mom's westie, kept hoping Kirk had an off button.  Everyone got along well and we had a nice visit.

Spice was awesome at the Teacup venue.  She was a tentative Friday evening and the first run or so on Saturday.  After that she was almost perfect.  She off coursed in one standard run - we ran for cookies after she did a most awesome set of weave poles.

Karen Cooper was there with cousin Mia.  Cousin Cupcake did not get to make the trip.  We took a Flagtree family photo before we left:

Karen Cooper with Flagtree's Dynamite (Mia)
Spice had 12 runs - 10 Qs due to a weave bobble and an off course. On our off course run we had a party after the weaves. She earned beginner and intermediate standard titles (TBAD and TIAD) and her Games 1 title (TG1). She ended the weekend with High in Trial female!  She also won the game of musical chairs on Saturday at lunch.  Karen and I had dogs in the same classes and jump heights - several times we ran back to back so little videoing of runs was accomplished.  What runs we have are here:
Flagtree pup - Kirk, Spice, and Mia.  Mia's dad is Spice's grandfather/Kirk's great grandfather

Spice's winnings from the weekend

High in Trial with Judge Kris Hurley