Friday, January 3, 2014

Tracking Training

Spice, Striker, and Kirk Tracking
The weather finally cooperated and we all got a go at tracking - it was cold and blustery by southern Louisiana standards.  The previous day Tracey and I worked numerous obedience dogs (3 of mine and 6 of hers) at Sharp Rd park with several less layers.  

Today was the maiden voyage of my Drift HD 1080p video camera to video the tracking lessons.  Mike helped Mom purchase a shoulder harness for the camera as a Christmas gift.  The camera was purchased "new" from a friend who was bought it and never put the camera into service.  I need to work more with the shoulder harness to get the video camera "straight" so you don't have to tilt your head to watch the video playback.  I am disappointed with the quality of the video on YouTube; however, YouTube said it did not recognize the video format so therein may lie the problem.  I plan to do a more research on that.

Tracking training was good even if the video is a bit funky:

Congratulations to Tracey and Sprigs on the achievement of Sprigs' TD and VCD1 on the first weekend of 2014.  A great way to start of the new year.