Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 6 Month Birthday to Capt'n Kirk

Kirk after our conformation grooming lesson

Kirk head shot after grooming lesson - his ears look so nice in this photo

Photos above of Kirk taken just a few days ago.  His breeder gave me a nudge to get started on his conformation career - Merry Christmas to me as she entered Kirk in a show at the end of January.  To get ready for our conformation debut I scheduled a grooming lesson from a local Aussie groomer, Cherri Foster.  I'm feeling much more confident about the grooming required for conformation.

In addition to practicing gating, showing off teeth, and stacking, Kirk has been working on agility fundamentals, obedience skills, tracking, and herding.  He is an awesome guy in a small package.  The whole pack loves him.

A look back at baby Kirk: