Monday, January 13, 2014

USDAA Agility, B'ham

Tracey and I packed the core members of Team Red (Kaz, Kayak, Xan and Spice) for a USDAA trial in Birmingham, AL at the Sports Blast.  Codex and Kirk came along too.

Spice loves the Sports Blast facility.  We have run there several times recently and she continues to improve her confidence with each trial.  In fact we were just there 2 weeks ago for AKC.  Previously Spice weaved the first day at the trial and then her weave performance went downhill from there.  This past weekend she weaved every time she saw them - it is taking 3 tries to get a full set of 12 but she is weaving.  So to recap our weekend runs:

  • Fri Starter Gamble - 1/2 tunnel short of getting enough points in the opening to Q.  She nailed the gamble.
  • Fri Starter Jumper - Lovely run and our 1st Q for the weekend.
  • Fri Starter Standard - we should have left after the weaves as Spice was ready to party.  She ran the end nicely even with the off-course tunnel which was correct in the gamble run earlier.
  • Sat Starter Gamble - Great run and our 2nd Q of the weekend.  Nice drive except for the tunnels.  I need to work on building value for tunnels.
  • Sat Starter Jumper - Nice run but a few minor bobbles and a last jump issue caused us to be 0.98 seconds over time.
  • Sat Starter Standard - Dog walk call on the descent ramp.  The weaves were very nice (on the 3rd try).
  • Sat Adv Snooker - This was not a snooker course for Spice.  It was, however, a great opportunity to do jump-weave followed by a cookie party!
  • Sun Starter Standard - Spice was so wound up that she did not wait for the teeter to fall.  She had lots of speed causing her to turn wide on a few jumps.  Love the enthusiasm.
I brought home more course maps with highlighted sequences to practice.  Looking forward to working those kinks out!

Kirk and Dex got to walk/run off lead around the soccer fields and each had multiple turns at the practice jumps.  Friday Diane was at the trial with Timber (Dex's sire) and beagle brother Ridge. During the weekend there were new dogs and human kids to meet.  Kirk did his first weekend in a soft crate at the show which went very well.