Sunday, August 10, 2014

Herding Lessons at Linda's

We went to see sheep at Ms Linda's today. Weather was very hot and humid - thank goodness for the plastic kiddie pool.  The dogs were happy to cool down after working the stock.  I had to toss Joule into the pool both times she worked stock; however, once in she was content to stay in for a few minutes.

Spice worked off leash for a bit circling and holding her sheep in a corner. During her next turn she worked on walking behind the sheep and not circling continuously - it took both Linda and I to throw blocks with flags and paddles to discourage her circling.  Her circling has become less frantic so there is improvement.  During her last turn we worked a few outruns but all of us were melting from the heat at that point. 

Kirk worked off leash twice too. By the end of his second turn he was staying off the sheep much better - massive improvement in one morning! His "come by" is broken. He can do "away" great. During his last turn we worked driving on lead. After a few minutes he was doing really well - much less lunging, barking, and howling to get to the sheep.  The first 30 - 60 seconds of the exercise had involved considerable screeching.

Foster border collie Joule came along too. Based on her initial interaction with the stock she had not worked stock before.  After today's introduction, Joule is now asking for a furever home that will do agility and herding. Herding is awesome she says.  I took our new DSLR camera to Linda's so we could get some photos.  Linda took these of Joule and I plus I shot a few of Linda working as well.