Friday, August 8, 2014

New Camera Test Shots

We booked a vacation for later this year.  And decided it was time to buy our first DSLR camera.  Oh... the camera is wonderful.  These are the first action dog test shots.  The camera and I need to become more of a team especially with the autofocus on action shots but I am so excited with the possibilities. 

Meanwhile foster dog Joule is fitting in with the pack.  An agility home is looking at her.  She finishes her antibiotics on Sunday.  We are still working through the yeast issues but her hair is growing back.  I took her to Tuesday agility class.  Her first ride to a performance class and back to the house.  Car rides are not her favorite yet.  Joule met several folks at class and Elaine stopped by on her way home to see her too.

Kirk and Spice did great at agility class. Boy oh boy was it hot.  Run a few minutes ... off to the kiddie pool for a dunk.  Run another segment of the course... back to the pool.  I'm please with progress for both dogs.