Thursday, August 28, 2014

Showcasing Joule's talents and skills

This week I have refocused efforts on finding Joule a furever home.  Elaine suggested I post video as video captures personality really well.  So after Joule worked on learning to jump in collection on the Linda Mecklinburg program,  we videoed 7 seconds of a disc (frisbee) catch and posted it on FB.  Elaine was correct - the video did get lots of folks sharing and discussing (thank you BC group).

This morning we shot video and still pictures of disc catches as well as a tug session.  This was Joule's 3rd disc catching lesson as a sole student (she started out playing with the whole pack) - my disc throwing technique needs improvement!  Joule is doing great catching and bringing back the discs though.  She is also getting the idea of tugging.  

Before I had a chance to get the blog post completed I got the email or FB message I was waiting for... an agility home in Little Rock will be adopting Joule.  We are coordinating transport - it looks like Joule will stay with us a few more weeks.  I'm happy for adopter and adoptee - I think it will be great for them both.  Meanwhile here are some action photos of Joule playing disc - we need to work a bit more with the auto-focus and camera settings.