Monday, September 8, 2014

Teacup Agility, Norman, OK

We spent the weekend in Norman, OK staying with my Mom and running Teacup Agility.  It was good to see Mom.  She and I met the rest of the Teacup gang Saturday night for dinner at a new to us restaurant.  Karen drove down from Bartlesville with 3 MASs including 2 Flagtree cousins.

Our Teacup weekend was a success.  Kirk earned an Intermediate Standard Q, 3 Games 2 along with his Games 2 title, and 1 Games 3 Q.  Spice earned the last leg to earn her TSAD and 2 legs toward her TAM (10 standard legs).  She also picked up several Games 3 Qs and is now only 1 Games 3 Q short of her TMAG.

We had a bit of excite with a screw in the tire on Saturday morning but luckily the local Firestone store was not far off our route.  We were back on the road to the show after about an hours delay.  We missed the first game of the day on Saturday.

Flagtree cousin - (l to r) Mia, Cupcake, Capt'n Kirk and Spice

Karen and Cheryl with the Flagtree kids

Title photo with the judge - TSAD for Spice, TG2 for Kirk

Capt'n Kirk's Weekend Wins

Spice's Weekend Wins