Friday, January 11, 2008

Weaving or Not, ,AKC Agility here we come

Grace seems to be tolerating the anti-yeast holistic meds. She is eating Eaglepack food as recommended by the Nyzmes website. Her system seems to be processing this food well. She should have turned the corner and be improved in a few months. We are starting with bare skin patches (see photo at right).

Well the weather has been rainy on and off all week. The backyard is muddy so we didn't get in the weave practice we had planned. Instead we worked some obedience indoors. Grace is sitting in heel position better and has improved her stand patience. Bern is starting to drop for his moving down. Both are improved on dumbbell holds. Nose touch training is not going as quickly as I had expected. I must work to make sure both dogs understand what is required. We are learning a nose touch to start working on a rear cross - I will need a rear cross with Grace when she figures out the agility game.

Well we are off to Gulfport, MS tomorrow. We hope to practice some tracking between agility runs.